What happens in a treatment session

If you’re considering booking a cryotherapy treatment from Cryo Wellbeing, you may be a bit anxious about what happens in our treatment sessions, so we’ve put together this simple guide to talk you through the basics and what happens during your appointment.


Once you arrive at our treatment studio in South Wales (just outside Newport), you’ll be welcomed and made to feel at ease.

We’ll start the session with a quick relaxed chat to help find out what’s causing your pain.

CryTherapy Treatment centre
CryTherapy Treatment centre


After I’ve got to know you and have an idea of your pain, then we’ll do some assessments to narrow down the possible causes. For example, is the pain you’re experiencing linked to a problem with your joints or muscles?

Don’t forget to bring a pair of shorts along to the session so I can assess your body structure.

Session plan

After the assessments, I should have a good idea of the problem and causes. From here I can put together a session plan and begin with your initial physical treatment.

Full course of treatment

Then in conjunction with your feedback we’ll devise a full course of treatment.

Treatments can comprise of additional sessions at the Cryo Wellbeing studio and also include a set of stretches to continue and build upon your continued rehab at home.

I’ll show you how to perform the stretches effectively and make sure you are able to do them so you get the full benefit and are able to maxmise your rehab.

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Could a treatment help you?

If you’re experiencing ongoing pain, then a cryotherapy or a sports massage treatment plan could help you.

Get in touch with me to book a complimentary initial consultation and help put yourself back on the path to recovery,