Wellbeing coaching

My coaching sessions with Andrea were exactly what I needed at a time when I was facing coming to terms with enormous changes in my life.

Working with Andrea helped me focus on going forward and realising that in my environment very little is different but the future offers opportunities that are huge.
During times of change, we are challenged, and we need help to focus. Andrea was my guide in doing so.


Working with Andrea is an excellent experience from start to finish. Every session is enjoyable and the time literally flew by. Andrea’s coaching techniques and questioning are very thought provoking and challenging which led to a significant amount of progress being made in the 6 weeks. I feel like I really had to work hard during every session but the hard work always felt worthwhile and so rewarding afterwards.

In my opinion an excellent coach facilitates the learning through precise questioning and allows the learner to come to a conclusion or answer themselves as this provides the best learning experience and Andrea is fantastic in doing that.


Sports Massage

Just want to say a big thank you Andrea for your expert treatment of an old shoulder injury which had been playing me up for years. That, together with the targeted exercises you suggested I do at home, and which I have continued to do, has meant that over a year later, I’ve stayed pain free with significantly improved movement in my shoulder and arm! If only I had visited you sooner.