How do the therapies work?


Local Cryotherapy is the application of extremely cold air to specific parts of your body in order to stimulate physical and mental health benefits.

During a Cryotherapy session, the low temperature of the cooled air only affects your skin’s surface, triggering your thermoreceptors to send electrical impulses to the brain making you ‘think’ you are freezing. The blood vessels in your skins surface and muscle tissue constrict, forcing blood away from your peripheral tissues towards the organs in the core of your body. In the core, your body’s natural filtration system works to remove toxins and inflammatory properties of the blood.

After the Cryotherapy session has finished, your body starts to warm up, your blood cells expand and cause a significant increase in the blood flow to the extremities. Your blood, which is now enriched with oxygen, enzymes, collagen and other nutrients to a much greater degree than under normal balanced conditions, is dilated and flows back through the body, activating its natural healing abilities.

Some of the benefits of Cryotherapy may include;

cryotherapy session

Supporting the relief of pain for long term medical conditions


Improving the feeling of well-being


Reducing inflammation and muscle damage, aiding quicker recovery


Help for those experiencing mood disorders like anxiety and depression

Have a look at this video to see the Cryo Penguin in action

Sports Massage

Sports Massage (or Soft Tissue Therapy) is the management and manipulation of soft tissues in the body. This therapy is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in soft tissues that can be caused by poor posture, strenuous physical activity or an injury. During a massage, your soft tissues (including muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue) are manipulated to help facilitate more movement, encourage less stiffness in the affected area and can make you feel more relaxed.

Some of the benefits of soft tissue therapy may include;


Relaxing tense muscles, increase range of movement and joint flexibility


Improving the healing time of strained ligaments and muscular tissue


Improving circulation, strengthens immune system

Wellbeing Coaching

Wellbeing Coaching is really about empowering you to create measurable improvements to your health and wellbeing. The ultimate aim is to help you make progress in a certain area of your life, at work or to overcome a problem you’re struggling with. As a coach, I will challenge unsupportive beliefs and behaviours to enable you to make a change and achieve your goals.

As more and more people deal with stress, low energy, frustration and self-doubt they are now turning to positive ways to overcome such pressures. Wellbeing Coaching helps to to re-motivate, re-inspire, re-energise and help you get back on track and get more out of your life.

Some of the benefits of Wellbeing Coaching may include;


Improving your emotional state


Lowering stress levels


Improving your sense of purpose

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