Five Benefits of Cryotherapy

While the technology and science may have evolved, the known benefits of Cryotherapy (or cold therapy) have been felt for a long time. We’re talking hundreds, even thousands of years! Records indicate that ancient Greeks and Egyptians used iced-baths to treat injuries and inflammation.

Nowadays we not only have a much greater understanding of how Cryotherapy can help the body recover but also how different types of treatment can have different effects.

Gone are the ice-baths but replacing them are a range of cryo-pods, chambers and, our favourite, the Cryo-Penguin which allows us to offer targeted and localised treatment.

With much lower temperatures and high precision treatments, the current range of Cryotherapy treatments available today can stimulate your body to act in ways and deliver benefits that are simply not possible with just an ice-bath.

Amazing benefits of Cryotherapy

Traditionally people have thought of Cryotherapy simply as a treatment for injuries but it can offer so much more than that. We thought we would highlight some of the possible benefits of Cryotherapy treatment…

benefits of cryotherapy in Newport

1: Sports recovery and performance boost with Cryotherapy

Speak to most professional (and a growing number of amatuer) sportsmen or women and you will find many will have a Cryotherapy treatment as part of their fitness routine.
A short Cryo session with very low temperatures will help increase the circulation of blood and the body will ‘load up’ the blood with extra oxygen and other nutrients.
The benefits? You’ll not only recover faster but over a period of time with regular sessions you may find your performance improves too.

2: Cryotherapy for injury recovery

You don’t have to be an athlete to get an injury and you certainly don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from Cryotherapy. Whether you do a lot of walking in your spare time or as part of your job (posties, dog walkers, park rangers) or you have a physically demanding job (builders, landscape gardeners, hairdressers) any muscular or soft tissue injury can lead to time off and a long recovery process.

Cryotherapy can be added to your existing recovery routine to potentially dramatically decrease your recovery time. We might also suggest adding sports massage to increase the speed of recovery.

3: Mood and wellbeing

Recent studies have suggested that the ultra-cold temperatures used in Cryotherapy can trigger a hormonal response in some people including increasing the release of adrenaline and endorphins.

The release of endorphins acts as natural pain relief for your body and their release helps with your energy levels, reduces swelling, leads to feelings of relaxation and can also help with depression and stress reduction.

Our cryotherapy pain management treatments can work to make you feel better throughout your body and in addition Cryo Wellbeing also offers wellbeing coaching in Newport which can give you long lasting benefits.

4: Cryotherapy for weight loss

When your body is exposed to very low temperatures it reacts by boosting it’s metabolism and starts to burn energy in the form of calories which can potentially be provided from stored fat cells (especially the stubborn brown fat)

Combining your own exercise and healthy eating plan with Cryotherapy may result in weight loss and some cellulite reduction. Find out more about the weight loss benefits of cryotherapy.

5: Improve your sleep with Cryotherapy

As you’ve seen through this list the super cold temperatures generated by Cryotherapy treatments all trigger certain responses in the body which give somewhat surprising but positive effects. One of these is improved sleep.

You might not feel sleepy after a Cryotherapy treatment, in fact you will probably feel very alert and awake immediately after. However, in your body the cold treatment has triggered the production of a hormone called norepinephrine which can relax you and over time may help to regulate your sleep patterns and also activate deeper REM sleep

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As the science and technology continues to evolve we fully expect in the near-future that other conditions will be treatable using Cryotherapy.

If you’re interested to see how Cryotherapy can help you now – please contact us for more information, we’ll be happy to explain the process and possible benefits.

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