20 Reasons to get a massage

Many people only consider getting a massage when they have an injury or they are feeling a bit ‘stiff’. It’s also become more common to have a massage as a way of reliving tension.

A regular massage can potentially offer an amazing array of health benefits – carry on reading to find our top 20 reasons to get a massage.

1. Relieve Stress

A massage can relax you through the manipulation of muscles, and the relief of tension within the muscles can reduce the amount of mental stress you are experiencing.

2. Relieve post-operative pain

Depending on the type of surgery involved, recovering from an operation can be a painful experience. Regular massages have shown to be effective in reducing post-operative pain.

3. Reducing Anxiety

Along with reducing stress, studies have shown that regular massage sessions helped to reduce anxiety in 50% of participants

4. Manage lower back pain

A common reason people to try massage is to help with back pain – it’s also very effective. A  massage will target the problem area and help relieve the pain.

5. Help Fibromyalgia Pain

A massage can be very effective in alleviating the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia by relaxing your muscles and loosening your joints.

6. Reduce Muscle Tension

By increasing the temperature of your muscles, a massage can reduce pain, increase the elasticity of the muscles and in turn reduce the amount of tension in your muscles.

7. Enhance Sports & Exercise Performance

A regular massage treatment helps to stretch and tone the muscle fibres creating more flexibility and range of motion perfect for athletes

8. Relieve Headaches

A massage can help to give relief from the symptoms of a tension headache. By increasing the blood flow, a boost of oxygen and nutrients will help to remove toxins and bring relief from the headache.

9. Better Sleep

A good quality relaxing massage can help to increase the production of melatonin – this helps regulate sleep. The increased levels of melatonin will help tackle insomia and lead to better overall quality of sleep.

10. Ease symptoms of Depression

Massage can increase the production of the bodys natural endorphins (serotonion and dopamine) which help to lower anxiety levels and eleviate your depressed mood. 

11. Manage Osteoarthritis Pain

Studies have shown that a weekly massage session can lead to a significant increase in mobility and reduction in pain and stiffness.

12. Improve Cardio-Vascular Health

Regular massage helps to improve blood circulation – improved circulation helps to boost the oxygen rich blood flowing through you. Increased relaxation and reduced tension, plus imporved blood flow can also lead to a reduction in your resting heart rate.

13. Improve Balance in Older Patients

As we age our bones and muscles can become weaker, making us more frail and more susceptiple to falls. Massages can help improve blood flow and even muscle tone to the limbs which over time can help restore strength and balance.

14. Decrease Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

If you are a Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer a regular massage can help to reduce the pain and swelling experienced as part if the condition. Over time you may also find joint function is also improved.

15. Temper Effects of Dementia

Some limited evidence shows that regular massage may help with some of the symptoms of dementia. Anxiety, agitation and depression may all be alleviated in some dementia patients with regular massage. Studies are still ongoing but it shows promise.

16. Lower Blood Pressure

A deep tissue massage may help to reduce your blood pressure by increasing your body’s production of Serotonin, and reducing overall stress.

17. Decrease Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be painful for sufferers, however the pain may be decreased by massage.  By massaging the neck, shoulder, arm and wrist the inflammation, numbness and pain can be reduced. 

18. Reduce Joint Replacemnet Pain

As part of a long-term treatmnet plan, massage can help alleviate pain caused by joint replacement. Massage can help reduce pain and swelling and may also help to align the new joint correctly. 

19. Part of a Cancer Support Plan

Cancer patients can benefit from a regular massage plan, from reducing stress, improving your mood and relieving pain and tension in the muscles. Regular massage may also help counteract the negative effects of any chemotherapy treatments.

20. Increase your range of motion

A deep tissue massage can help to target your deeper layer of muscle and help to relax and loosen tight muscles improving the elasticity and increasing the range of motion.

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